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ID 310546

Clay Whitchurch


Founder and Principal of Cogent Security Consulting LLC. M.A. Security Studies, Georgetown University.

ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 3726

Ed Chalfin


Founder, ICD (acquired by Texas Instruments), @mie-labs. Angel investor, member of @Baltimore-Angels.

ID 83599

Michael Sidgmore


Vice President, iCapital Network | Special Advisor, Panorama Point Partners | Fmr Director, Mosaic | Fmr Goldman Sachs PSI | Founder, NextGenEngage

ID 19094

Eric Koester


Co-founder/COO of @main-street-genome; Co-founder of @zaarly; Exec @appature; @startupweekend board; and Startup lawyer @cooley, CPA, Morgan Stanley.

ID 81883

Frank Gruber

CEO & Co-founder @tech-cocktail tech startup news & events. Author of Startup Mixology book. Former developer turned product development at @aol & @tribune-interactive.

ID 128556

Evan Burfield


Cofounder of 1776. Passionate about reinventing our lives as citizens by empowering kickass startups.

ID 45855

Maria Thomas


Worked at @amazon, @etsy • Investor @twice, @sidetour

ID 138724

Alex Calic


Staying hungry, staying foolish as CRO @TheMediaTrust. Member @NextGenAngels. Vet of 5 internet software companies. #adtech, #ecommerce, #mobile, #social, #t/v.

ID 85

Paige Craig


Angel investor 80+ deals, 21 exits. Backing great people w huge ideas. Early angel and advisor to AngelList. Drove into Iraq alone in 2003 to start first company. US Marine & Intelligence dude.

ID 57544

Scott Case

Co-Founder & CEO at Main Street Genome; Founding CTO Priceline.com

ID 100380

Raj Bhaskar


Software Entrepreneur

ID 3973

Ben Welch-bolen


CEO/Founder at World Wide Web Hosting. Life long entrepreneur and learning to love management. 120+ remote team running 24/7 around the world.

ID 175290

Neil Kataria


Angel Investor. Entrepreneur.

ID 162458

Jeff Hagins


Founder and CTO for SmartThings, SMBLive, Mural Consulting, Mural Ventures. CTO/CIO for RLOC, Dynix, Apptix, TeleComputing. Investor in Sonian, Avenue Right

ID 43368

Bobby Yazdani


Founder @saba Software (public company); @dropbox, @klout, @qwiki, @cleversense, and many more.

ID 86218

Haroon Mokhtarzada


Co-Founder/CEO @webs (acquired by @vistaprint). Co-Founder @sgn (acquired by @mindjolt). Strong product focus. Harvard Law.

ID 271230

Stewart Allen


Founding CTO at webMethods, Investor/Founding CTO at Clearspring/AddThis, Investor/Founder/Board at XRDi. Hold patents in XML/B2B Integration, Data Processing.

ID 3822

Raj Das Gupta


Cloud Computing at scale for A&D and Life Sciences, mission critical SAAS and developed some commercially successful mobile gaming apps (partnered w Chillingo)

ID 1121

Bong Koh


Founder, Investor or Advisor in companies including @lifecrowd, @shift-3, RetentionScience, @muckerlab, GradientX, Eventup, TheReceivablesExchange & @zynga (via Prism)

ID 264883

Dave Helmreich


Founder & GM, Advertising Solutions at Neustar (NYSE: NSR) - VP, Digital, TARGUSinfo - Former Naval Aviator - MBA @SmithSchool - BS, CS @NavalAcademy

ID 94998

Khalid Itum


Active Angel, Entrepreneur & Advisor Top VP @ $110mm Company Brand, Marketing, Biz & Partner Dev Strategy Star Mountain Capital, Alliance for Veteran Support

ID 28664

Lawrence Black


Angel Investor. Trader. Founder. Author. Advisor. Early adopter/developer of direct-access trading platforms. Apostle of Liberal Arts. Former DC Cop.

ID 129337

Richard Graves


VP | Business Development @ethical-electric Mission Investor @skyline-innovation @faraday-bicycles @crowdtangle

ID 36892

Blake Hall


Airborne Ranger. Decorated Combat Veteran. Harvard Business Graduate Frequent Contributor to NPR and BBC via Public Radio International. Entrepreneur.

ID 45147

Michael Rihani

Co-founder & CEO of @koofers. Raised $6MM. Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. Launchbox Digital Alumnus. Mentor. Advisor. Virginia Tech.

ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 29383

Craig Cummings


Chairman and Co-Founder of RideScout. West Point grad, Columbia Ph.D. Army intel officer turned entrepreneur. Previously Co-founded BTS and APX Labs.

ID 150201

Winston Ibrahim

Founder & CEO @hydros-bottle. Director/Investor at @thinkimpact. Investor in @runa-2, Investor in @ribbon , Nurture Inc aka HappyFamily Brands, and American Halal.

ID 110305

Steven Chen


Blu Venture Investors • Founder Power Fingerprinting,Totus Solutions,3eTI • Investor ID.me, Social Toaster, Interfolio, VanGoghImaging, Streamlink, EMU, 3CLogic, Urgent.ly, CiteLighter • Advisor Smart Imaging, Locus Social

ID 13924

David Sandrowitz


In a world of hackers and hustlers, I'd rather just be a guy known for getting things done. The Execution-er?

ID 53053

Justin McLeod

CEO of @hinge. MBA, @harvard-business-school. BA, @colgate-university in Econ/Game Theory. Web/software development and management consulting experience.

ID 112855

Ely Kahn


Co-founder of Big Data startup, @sqrrl. @wharton-school MBA. Director of Cybersecurity at @white-house. @harvard-university BA.

ID 56103

Michael Mayernick

Co-founder of @spinnakr. Experienced developer of analytics software. Co-founder of @proudlymadeindc and @dctechmeetup

ID 31469

Ben Edwards

Founder/Catalyst (SmartThings, Refactr, minne✱) interested in promoting startup and entrepreneurial activity in the midwest.

ID 36361

Stephanie Hay

Founder tougher.me, co-founder @fastcustomer + workdesign.co; mentor @500startups + @fortifyvc + Lean Startup Machine; content, UX, operations.

ID 38461

Nick Lavezzo

Co-Founder at @foundationdb. Previously worked with FDB team to build @visual-sciences, data analytics software co. sold to @omniture in 2008. Former CPA with E&Y.

ID 83460

Tim Csontos


VP Biz Dev @TaxiMagic Prior to - Cliqbook Travel sold to @concur. Investor in @gateguru @jetpac @boatbound @bulldog-gin . Ping Pong advocate.

ID 100233

Martin Ringlein


Veteran creative director and entrepreneur, holding extensive experience building and managing creative teams within start-ups, in-house and agency cultures.

ID 64425

Tom Matzzie

Entrepreneur; MoveOn.org Alum; Build Big Online Communities for Good @causes; Renewable Energy; The Rest is Coming Soon

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 99774

Adam Spector


Founder @virtrue • Worked at @symantec, @clearwell • Studied at @vanderbilt-university, @university-of-miami

ID 35354

Vinay Bhargava

7 yr @google alum with 2 EMG Awards for toolbar distribution deals. Co-founded @google TV Ads. Received MBA from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, EE degrees from Purdue. Early @epinions guy.

ID 58165

David Naffis


Founder @ideaspace, @intridea, @socialspring, @scalr, @unlikely-ventures • Worked at @aol, @mckinsey-company, @fiveacross • Studied at @university-of-virginia, @Loyola

ID 5273

Camilo Acosta

Co-Founder & CEO @paybygroup, 2x entrepreneur • BA @princeton-university University

ID 11671

Noah Pepper

CEO of @lucky-sort, former R&D Director (medical fraud detection) and previously a data mining researcher. Author, speaker, manager and data hacker.

ID 31629

Nick ONeill

I founded Social Times Inc. in 2007 and sold it to WebMediaBrands (parent company behind mediabistro.com) in 2010. Now I'm building my next company...

ID 38112

Kevin Lenane

Founder, @veenome. Raised 2M in angel/vc. Advisor @iq Engines (Image Data). Legal key in @pointabout acquisition. Pays the Iron Price.

ID 61644

William Weil

Co-Founder and CEO of @tales2go. Accomplished entrepreneur and executive. Disney, Nickelodeon, AG Interactive and Nat Geo. Harvard College and @harvard-business-school.

ID 189562

Jeff Kelley


Founded Wonky Ventures, which invested in Speek and Veenome. Founded Mindful Chef, which merged with Power Supply in June 2013.

ID 17821

Marci Harris

CEO of @popvox. Former counsel to House Way & Means Subcommittee Chairman. LL.M. @american-university University. First "startup" was rebuilding a tornado-ravaged town.

ID 83952

Dave Maestri


Invented Mob Wars. Co-founded @metamoki. Angel investor here and there.

ID 113756

Glynn LoPresti

Co-Founder of @koofers. Innovative and results driven leader focused on execution and success in highly competitive environments.

ID 318581

Gerald Yao

Founder and CFO FiscalNote | Former NIH National Eye Institute and Amrita Dessert Decorations

ID 22716

Tien Wong


#CEO of #Tech2000 & #appnetic, #Chairman of @loresystems & #Opus8, #investor in mobile, datacenter, CRM, & cloud tech. Blog: tienwong.wordpress.com, @TienWong

ID 53896

Sam Von Pollaro

CEO of @venga. Previously founded @petals-for-the-people & sold to Battery Ventures portfolio company. Background in private equity and strategy consulting.

ID 40899

Daniel Doll

President and Chief Operations Officer at SoapBoxSoaps.com, former Tools and Technology Specialist at @livingsocial and SAP ERP Consultant at @ibm

ID 47682

Rosalyn Lemieux

CEO of Good+Geek, maker of Attentive.ly. Co-founding partner, Fission Strategy. Served as ED of the New Organizing Institute. Worked at MoveOn. Tech: PHP/mySQL

ID 24505

Matthew Shampine


Currently: VP of Business Development and Marketing at WeWork.

ID 48003

Shaun Johnson

Co-founder at @StartupInst. Associate at @techstars. @georgetown Hoya & Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

ID 74598

Minh Nguyen


Startup Advisor/ Product Dev/Design/UX/Mktg/ BD Strategy. Co-Owner/Founding CEO of @app-press . Founder @plaxo.

ID 3105

Daniele Calabrese

Founder and Ceo at @soundtracker

ID 29754

Gregory Coleman

President, COO, & Co-founder of @nexercise. Extensive operations, management, and organizational leadership experience. MBA, @wharton-school. BS Elec Eng, USAF Academy

ID 130612

Brian Muller

Co-founder of @opbandit. Created Data Science group at @livingsocial. Formerly at Washington Post. Engineer, Data Scientist, and recovering Bioinformatician.

ID 66469

Kash Rehman

Founder/CEO @foodem - Ran ops. @ food distributor; grew sales 600% in 5 yrs. Restaurant owner; exit in 2 yrs. for 3x ROI. BS in MIS @ UMD Smith Business School.

ID 7882

Jamey Jeff


Co-founder at @remarkable-hire-1 and Partner, @day2-ventures Worked at Discovery and @accenture @wharton-school MBA

ID 61935

Ali Khoshgozaran

Entrepreneur. PhD from @university-of-southern-california, @yahoo @microsoft & @samsung alumni. Founder & CEO/CTO at Tilofy. 12 patents (3 granted)

ID 457298

Bram J. Levy


Strategy & Business Development; Entrepreneur with former exit to LivingSocial; Built and Scaled events businesses

ID 125179

Brandon Gadoci


Husband & Dad. Head of Services & Research for @disruptioncorp & Principal at Crystal Tech Fund. Writing at http://gadoci.me .

ID 12957

Zack Liscio

Founder @naytev - Former Googler - SF and DC - front-end developer, sales hustler

ID 21897

Sean Schofield

Founder and CEO of @spreecommerce. Long time open source enthusiast and entrepreneur.

ID 305414

Stephanie Olvey

Founder @fortique and @BorrowingMagnolia. Former Sr. Program Manager at @livingsocial. Startup consultant with BS in Commerce from @university-of-virginia

ID 65519

Winston Lord

CMO at @venga, 20+ year PR career eg. @microsoft, Audi. ED of effort to return MLB to DC- investors incl AOL Chairman, Obama's OMB Director, Colin Powell. @yale-university

ID 267782

Jon Carpenter

Early LivingSocial marketing hire, Product Mgr. @ Revolution Health, college CEO @ Students of Georgetown, Inc., Finance + Intl. Bus. majors.

ID 4400

Clarence Wooten


Founder ImageCafe (sold to Network Solutions/Verisign). Founder @groupsite-com (formerly CollectiveX) Founder & CEO @progressly (coming soon)

ID 157741

Jen Andre

Founder Threat Stack • Worked at @symantec, @mandiant

ID 86267

Greg Novak


managing partner Novak Druce + Quigg, LLP partner HalberdCross, pe/vc partner HalberdCross Risk Max Planck Foundation, board member @oxford-university SBS, board member

ID 66027

Ryan Healy

Founder @brazen-careerist • Worked at @ibm-global-business-services • Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university. Built an Awesome Team, Great Product, Amazing Clients, Solid Biz

ID 304121

Jordan Lloyd Bookey

Co-founder, Chief Mom @zoobean. Started up, led K-12 Education Outreach @google. @wharton-school MBA. Taught 7th grade. Program manager at literacy nonprofit.

ID 2193

Hemang Gadhia


Co-Founder & CEO Revmetrix. Former Founder & CEO of data company Condaptive (acquired by Millennial Media [NYSE:MM]). Was SVP, Audience Intelligence for Millennial & led product development for Millennial's data platform

ID 249438

Anish Sebastian

Founder 1eq • Worked at @deloitte-touche • Studied Information Systems at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 332345

Anand Appulingam


Founder @atacama-capital-partners • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @united-states-army • Investor @activereplay, @hitch • Studied at @georgetown-university

ID 19157

Adam Lehman


COO @ @lotame Solutions, and Angel @ @rock-ridge-ventures

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 97780

Matthew Eierman

CEO/Founder @hdscores • @johnson-wales-university Alumni • Chef turned Serial Entrepreneur • 8 years Restaurant Industry • 4 years B2B Financial Services Company Management • Working on My 5th Startup

ID 197001

Obinna Onungwa

Worked at @goldman-sachs, @livingsocial • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park, @howard-university

ID 100616

Nino Zahrastnik


Owner, @interbyte

ID 25105

Yoshi Maisami


Founder @ideaspace @unlikely-ventures @intridea • Investor @divshot, @myenergy • Studied at @bucknell-university, @university-of-virginia Worked @nasa

ID 21337

Joshua Ho


Investor in @kidsafe, @iobridge, @proformative @boostable

ID 4208

Sonny Ganguly

CMO @weddingwire, NextGen Angels Investor, Acceleprise Mentor, marketing strategist, tech enthusiast, industry speaker, wine connoisseur, Ravens fanatic

ID 41524

Tony Cappaert

Co-Founder & COO at @contactually. Ex-Microsoft PM on Bing Ads. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology alum.

ID 11478

Craig Dixon

Entrepreneur and Advisor. Worked at @paypal, @billmelater • Studied Computer Science at @boston-university, @tuck-school-of-business-at-dartmouth MBA

ID 44628

Zvi Band

Founder @contactually. CTO @workstreamer (acq 2009). Rails developer, community organizer, UMD alum

ID 369

Mark Potts

Longtime digital media entrepreneur and executive. Co-founded WashingtonPost.com and Backfence. Extensive experience in digital media products and strategies.

ID 80178

Ideen Solhtalab

Former Sr. Consultant at Booz Allen; William & Mary, NOLS, and BOSS graduate.

ID 97605

Frantisek Brabec


PhD in CS (spatial DB), co-founded @roam-secure, grew into a market-creating pioneer of emergency alerting technology. Sold to Cooper Industries (now Eaton)

ID 27505

Shahab Kaviani

Founder @cofounderslab, @hyperoffice-com • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 41294

Scott Day


CTO of SoundExchange. Former CTO of @the-motley-fool, @in-q-tel tech practice lead, and founding employee at @foliofn (Mayfield).

ID 266193

Tony Surak


CEO SocialSpring, outsource/offshore expert, cofounder of first IP based Telephony ASP (aka SaaS), once wrote biz case for email replacing memos - native of DC

ID 215896


Founder VOYSEE • Worked at @elance, @infineon-technologies with Fortune 500 / Federal Government clients on MM$ releases • Studied PR at @georgia-state-university and MBA

ID 71650

Alex Rudloff


Founded @emurse-com, sold to @aol in 2008; Founded @twitterholic.com, sold to TNW in 2010; Currently working at @ted

ID 135468

Danny Boice

@speek co-founder. Product & tech focused. Successful exit in 2000's (@jaxara). Exec @ @the-college-board. @harvard-university undergrad w/ adv. studies @ @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

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